Employee story - Courtney Kingery

Courtney Kingery, Global Platform Innovation, Health and Wellness

I've been with Tate & Lyle for over five years. In my role as Global Platform Lead for Health & Wellness Innovation, my team is part of the global Innovation and Commercial Development business unit. We have the privilege of bringing solutions that address big global challenges like obesity, diabetes, digestive health, and food availability from concept to reality. Our project teams include global experts in nutrition, bio and chemical engineering, marketing and sales all working to answer the big questions of how Tate & Lyle’s solutions can sustainably improve lives.

Working at Tate & Lyle offers more than just the job: I get to be part of making a difference; I get to travel to amazing places like Brazil, Argentina, Singapore and China and get immersed in local cultures and I get to work with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. As a girl living on a small family farm in Indiana, USA, I never even imagined this would be my life.

I really identify with Tate & Lyle’s Values, but I have to say that integrity comes first – being honest and transparent with the challenges facing the food industry and the opportunity for Tate & Lyle to play a leadership role in bringing solutions to people all over the world.

Every time I go back to my family’s farm in Indiana, I share with my father foods from around the world that may have started out as corn in the same fields he harvested with his father and grandfather. It makes me proud to know that I’m playing a small role in helping to improve lives around the world.

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