SODA-LO® Salt Microspheres from Tate & Lyle

Clean salt taste
Reduced salt levels

With Tate & Lyle's
SODA-LO® Salt Microspheres,
food manufacturers can reduce salt levels by 25 to 50 percent in various applications without sacrificing taste.

Reducing salt while maintaining taste and flavor

SODA-LO® Salt Microspheres is created using patented technology to transform standard salt crystals into free-flowing hollow crystalline microspheres that efficiently deliver salty taste by maximizing surface area relative to volume. Because SODA-LO® is made from salt, there are no bitter aftertastes or off-flavors associated with other salt substitutes. Sensory test results indicate that the sodium-reduced products are not statistically different from the control samples for attributes including overall acceptance and flavor.

Worldwide Sodium Landscape Report

The world has built a culture around excess sodium intake. See the complete picture of the state of global sodium consumption and learn how manufacturers are being asked to play a key role in reducing worldwide sodium intake.

American Heart Association Sodium Conference Showcases SODA-LO® Salt Microspheres

Key stakeholders convened to discuss ways to reduce sodium intake in the food supply.  The conference report highlights SODA-LO® Salt Microspheres as one potential solution to help drive sodium reduction.